Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I enroll without development experience?

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Yes! Because all of our pre-course materials start from the beginning, you'll be able to excel in the course without prior knowledge.

Can you work full-time and take one of the courses?

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While those working full-time likely won't be able to take the full-time bootcamps, which have homework alongside the 40 hours of class time, the evening part-time course should be perfect for your schedule.

What happens if I need to miss class?

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If you need to miss a class for any reason, don't worry! You'll need to review the lecture(s) and material(s) that you missed, and submit any missed assignments. Let your professor know beforehand if possible.

Is certification available for these courses?

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At the end of all of our programs, successful completion of the course will earn you a Certificate of Completion from Columbia State.

What kind of hardware and software are necessary for the coursework?

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All students will need an up-to-date laptop for each class session, using an operating system such as MacOS, Windows, or Linux. Y

Laptops or desktop computers will need to be able to run the following:
Google Chrome version 70.0 or higher (browser)
Mozilla Firefox version 60.0 or higher (browser)
Windows Visual Studio Code version 1.28.0 or higher (editor)
Node.js version 12.13.0 or higher (javaScript run-time)
Git version 2.19.1 or higher (version control)
Heroku-CLI version 7.18.0 or higher (application platform)

Is career assistance offered alongside the coursework?

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Yes! Our bootcamps also include access to our career services, including but not limited to interviewing advice, resume tactics, and networking opportunities. Furthermore, Columbia State has an extensive network to help connect you to hiring partners.

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