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Javascript Ignition

Upcoming Start Dates (PART-time):

July 5th - September 8th, 2022
September 12th - November 16th, 2022
October 4th - December 8th, 2022

The perfect introduction to coding

Our JavaScript Ignition Program is a part-time course perfect for anyone new to coding, as well as technology professionals interested in a structured environment to learn the practical and valuable skills taught in this course.

Why Us

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Expert Instruction

Our course professors have the experience necessary to keep you inspired and engaged in the topics at hand during this live online course.

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Hands-On Experience

You'll spend the bootcamp working alongside your peers to build real technology; we prefer to teach through projects and exercises rather than walking our students through textbooks.

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In-Demand Skillset

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages, and is used by applications from video games to websites.

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Programming Certificate

Your certificate will provide proof your completion of the course, and motivate you for future learning!

Our Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Git & GitHub
Cloud Deployment

Technology You'll Use

Application Development
Object-Oriented Programming
Interactive Mapping
Programming Fundamentals
Native DOM & Scripting
Embedding & Calling APIs

Intro to Javascript Programming

Our Javascript course starts from the beginning, covering variables and terminal interaction, and then continuing on to learning about the command-line. Javascript syntax, values, and variables will be completely understood by the end of the program.

Intermediate JavaScript & Web Apps

We'll then move on to creating real applications, with the help of your course professors. The end of these few weeks will leave you with a web application you can show off to your friends and future employers.

Advanced Javascript & Final Projects

Our program's finale focused on teaching you topics such as API integration, the Node.js library, and object-oriented programming on the whole. You'll begin your final project to understand how your knowledge is useful outside the classroom.


Riley, Javascript Program student
Digital Marketing Professional, Program Graduate

Riley F.

"I'd recommend the course to digital marketers looking to expand their skillsets, professionals looking to switch careers or dip their toes into the world of web development, or novice developers looking to build their skills and project portfolios and ultimately pursue a career as a software engineer."

Download Syllabus

Find specific information on course content here.

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Program Start Dates

We hope to see you soon!

10-Week, Part-Time Program

JavaScript Ignition

July 5th - September 8th, 2022

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-9 pm ET

Location: Online

Tuition: $4,000

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10-Week, Part-Time Program

JavaScript Ignition

September 12th - November 16th, 2022

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-9 pm ET

Location: Online

Tuition: $4,000

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10-Week, Part-Time Program

JavaScript Ignition

October 4th - December 8th, 2022

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-9 pm ET

Location: Online

Tuition: $4,000

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