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Bootcamp: Software Development

Upcoming Start Dates (Full-time):

August 1st - October 21st, 2022
September 26th - December 16th, 2022
November 14th - February 10th, 2023

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Why Us

Our Software Development Bootcamp approaches development by including study of the most up-to-date and widely-used languages and frameworks that are being used by institutions and companies right now.

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Professional Teachers

Our course professors have the experience necessary to keep you inspired and engaged in the topics at hand during this live online course.

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Hands-On Experience

You'll spend the bootcamp working alongside your peers to build real technology; we prefer to teach through projects and exercises rather than walking our students through textbooks.

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Job-Ready Curriculum

The focus of our bootcamp is readying our students for the job market, so you'll finish the course able to apply what you've learned in a professional setting.

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Career Services & Networking

Our career coaching and networking services are prepared to give students 1-on-1 guidance to equip you with application best practices.

Launch your new tech career

Our full-stack software development bootcamp can give you the hands-on training needed to start a career in software development, ending with a final project to build your professional portfolio.

Job Placement Rate

Among job-seeking Software Development Bootcamp students in the most recent 2020 Outcome Report from our partner Bootcamp.*

480 hours
Of Classroom Instruction

React + React Native
Node.js & Express
Cloud Deployment

Average Starting Salary

Among job-seeking Software Development Bootcamp students in the most recent 2020 Outcome Report from our partner Bootcamp.*

*2020 Outcomes Report is provided by our partner Bootcamp, Burlington Code Academy. All outcomes listed on this site are that of Burlington Code Academy's. Burlington Code Academy and Columbia States's courses share the same curriculum, instruction, and employer partners.

Our Curriculum

Front-end and back-end coding knowledge means you'll be able to build, test, and deploy Javascript programs in wide-ranging coding professional scenarios

Development Fundamentals

Our program starts from the very beginning, using Github, terminal commands, and your text editor. The JavaScript you learn next will allow you to communicate with your computer in order to build websites and applications. We'll take a deep dive into fundamental programming concepts, and you'll also learn front-end languages like HTML and CSS for the web

Front-End Programming

During the following weeks, we'll solidify your understanding of front-end programming before joining it with back-end programming; this is the crux of what it means to be a full-stack developer. But before you develop a full conception of the back-end, we'll take the time to learn about document object models (DOM) and event listeners, and how to develop iteratively. The Javascript library React will be used to complete three portfolio pieces.

Back-End Programming

Applications databases, and servers form the backbone of the back-end system computers use to store and process information. Our course will then explore back-end software development using Express.Js in order to build server-side tools. You'll also connect with third-party APIs, and learn what databases and MongoDB can perform for the back-end of an application.

Capstone Projects

By using your newly-minted skillset to help a company create their application, the final project will expand and cement your knowledge of the coursework. By doing this, you'll develop an understanding of development operations and how to work in an agile project cycle environment. You'll walk away with a specialized project to show to future employers, and a knowledge base from which to explore future technologies you're interested in post-graduation.

Career Services

1-on-1 career coaching and live workshops are just some of the career resources provided for our students!

1-on-1 Coaching

The advanced software engineering professionals you'll have access to as part of the program will give you actionable steps in the realm of resume and LinkedIn skills, as well as interviewing strategies.

Job Search Strategy

Finding a job at the intersection of your interests and skillset can be difficult, but it's a lot easier with our experienced career counselors providing individual assistance!


Between your new cohort of peers, networking events, and meeting mentors, our career services make your next step possible.

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Tuition Guide

Full Tuition

We don't want financing to get in the way of your new career. Let us know if you need tuition assistance and we will find a solution that works for you!

Bootcamp Loans

Fixed interest rates, no prepayment fees, and a free repayment calculator so you can budget for your loan from start to finish!

$2,000 Down
Pay The Rest After You're Hired!

Apply for an Income Share Agreement and only begin paying for the course tuition once you're employed.

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Program Start Dates

12-Week, Full-Time Bootcamp

Software Development

August 1st - October 21st, 2022

Location: Online

Tuition: $10,000

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12-Week, Full-Time Bootcamp

Software Development

September 26th - December 16th, 2022

Location: Online

Tuition: $10,000

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12-Week, Full-Time Bootcamp

Software Development

November 14th - February 10th, 2023

Location: Online

Tuition: $10,000

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